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Cu-W alloy

Cu-W alloy

Brief introduction:

What is Cu-W alloy? Cu-W alloy is copper and tungsten alloy. The copper content is 10%~50% in Cu-W alloy. Cu-W Alloy is produced by powder metallurgy method.

Cu-W alloy characteristics:

Cu-W alloy has good electric conductivity, excellent high temperature strength and plasticity.

Cu-W alloy applications:

Cu-W alloy is applied to make sealed cap for transistors sealing welder, contactor materials for high voltage switches and electrodes for spark spark-erosion machine tool, etc.

Type, Chemical Compositions and Main Properties:

Type Chemical Composition(%) Tensile Strength
W Cu
F6002E 60 balance ≧130 ≧160 ≧12.70
70 balance ≧130 ≧200 ≧13.80
80 balance ≧130 ≧220 ≧15.00

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