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W-Mo alloy

W-Mo alloy

Brief introduction:Molybdenum-tungsten alloy is one kind of molybdenum alloy that contains 25% to 30%Tungsten.

Characteristics of molybdenum-tungsten alloy:Molybdenum-tungsten alloy has excellent preventing molten zinc corrosion.

Applications of molybdenum-tungsten alloy:

Molybdenum-tungsten alloy can be used in higher temperature than that of molybdenumand molybdenum alloy.

Molybdenum-tungsten alloy has high melting temperature and ablation resistance property, so molybdenum-tungsten can also be used for gas rudder and guard board of solid rocket engine and other components.

Appearance of molybdenum-tungsten alloy:

Molybdenum-tungsten alloy should not have obvious crack, burr, peel and other defects affecting the further uses.

Sanhui Co., Ltd also provides other alloy, such as Cu-w alloy, heavy alloy. We can supply molybdenum-tungsten alloy according to customers requirements.

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