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Brief introduction:
Tungsten bar has low content of impurities and good processing performance.The tungsten density is 18g/cm3-18.3g/cm3 and tungsten purity is more than 99.95%.

Characteristics of tungsten bar:
The melting point of tungsten bar is 3410℃. Tungsten bar has Excellent thermal/electric conductivity. The crystal structure of tungsten bar is impact, so tungsten bar has good erosion resistance.

Applications of tungsten bar:
Tungsten bar is generally used to manufacture emitting cathode, high temperature setting lever, support, lead, print needle and all kinds of electrodes and the quartz furnace heater.

Appearance of tungsten bar:
Tungsten bar has no bending, crack, burr, peeling and other defects affecting the further uses.

1 .tungsten bar chemical compositions and applications:

type purity of tungsten application
WAL1 >=99.92% filament,cathode and components for electron tubes,electrode for the gas discharge tube.etc.
WAL3 >=99.92% grid siderod,lead,support,electrode for the discharge lamp,etc.
W1 >=99.95% grid siderod,support,lead and electrode,etc.

2. tungsten bar forms and dimensions:

furnished form specified diameter min.length
wroughted 2.8<=d<5.0 600
5.0<=d<6.5 300
6.5<=d<11.0 200
straightened 0.8<=d<1.0 1000
1.0<=d<3.0 800
ground 0.8<=d<3.0 800-1000
3.0<=d<6.5 300-600
6.5<=d<10.0 200

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