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Mo wire

Applications of Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum wire is mainly refers to the wire cutting in the condition of high voltage electric field made from molybdenum and other precious metals. It used in wire cutting machine tool. Models of the molybdenum wire made by China are Mo1, Moδ, Mo2, Mo3, Mo3δ, of which Mo1 and Mo 2 are pure molybdenum wire, and Mo3 is molybdenum alloy wire with Ca, Mg.

Features of Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum wires feature in high tensile strength, good discharge property, smooth surface, high cutting speed, long service life and low wire tightening frequency. Molybdenum wires are used to cut various kinds of non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials.

We also offer molybdenum alloy wire and molybdenum filament. Molybdenum alloy wire is used to the electron tube heat wire and its materials. Molybdenum filament is a kind of molybdenum wire for lighting, which is used to manufacture the electric lighting materials, like mandrel, heating wire, etc. It is characterized by high melting point, good coilability and machinability.

Specifications and properties of molybdenum wire for cutting

Diameter (mm) Surface Piece Weight (kg) Packaging
3.17 Black 10~25 Self-coiling
2.31 Black 10~25 Self-coiling
1.60 Black 10~25 Self-coiling or reel
1.45 Black 10~25 Self-coiling or reel

Specifications and properties of molybdenum wire for lighting

Regular Sizes
Standard Tolerance
Tensile Strength Elongation
Standard Spooling
N/mm2 gf/mg
0.08 ±0.002 ≥2340 ≥115 ≤2 3500
0.10 ±0.002 ≥2340 ≥115 ≤2 3400
0.12 ±0.002 ≥2240 ≥110 ≤2 3200
0.14 ±0.003 ≥2240 ≥110 ≤2 3000
0.16 ±0.003 ≥2040 ≥100 ≤2 2500
0.18 ±0.003 ≥1830 ≥100 ≤2 2000
0.20 ±0.004 ≥1830 ≥90 ≤2 1600


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